Crafting growth through Innovation|Automation|Technology|Insight

Working with large enterprise and small business, we use strategic thinking and automation to improve marketing and sales.

Innovation Strategy

Short and long term planning to grow share, awareness or profits through innovation. Make the most of technological possibilities.

Marketing & Sales Acceleration

Using automation and machine learning, accelerate marketing and sales activities to generate more awareness, leads and revenue.

Agile Market Research

Utilize agile research techniques, including machine learning and artificial intelligence, to better understand your customers and your competitive environment.

Operational Process Management

Reduce expenses and optimize human capital efforts through the identification of process improvements using technology.

SAAS Management

Make the most of your software toolset through active management.

Outsource Strategy

Outsource technology infrastructure and/or human capital to enhance corporate focus and increase productivity.

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We use strategic thinking and automation to improve marketing and sales Contact

Project Benefits

Revenue Growth

Driving growth through innovation

A technology strategy aligned with marketing and sales can help drive new revenue opportunities and enhance customer value. From enterprise to small busines, meaningful innovation is directly related to revenue growth.

Different companies have different preferences for technology adoption. Some companies prefer to be first to market while others are fast-followers. Regardless of your adoption preferences, your decision process must be informed. Growth from innovation comes from fulfilling a customer need in a new way, reaching new customers through new technology-driven channels and/or doubling down on your current value proposition with innovation.

Cost Savings

Technology driven expense reduction

From connected-technologies (internet of things) to cloud services, technology can drive significant expense reductions. For this reason, companies like Pepsi are relentlessly automating.

Studies show the typical Fortune 500 company may be able to save approximately $4 Million annually through automation.

Opportunities for automation include marketing operations, sales processes, administrative tasks, on-demand software resources and much more. Automation not only drives cost savings, but frees up your human capital to focus on higher value activities.

Management Alignment

Provide strategic and tactical guardrails for better operational decision making

Studies show that projects are aligned to strategy are 57% more likely to achieve their stated business goals. Additionally, aligned projects are 50% more likely to to finish on time and 45% more likely to be completed within budget.

Thabble engages all levels of management to create and execute an optimized technology strategy.

Market Share

Innovation can drive market share and enhance margin.

Technology can be a critical driver of differentiation. And, differentiation can in turn drive market share and enhance pricing power. However, technology must be meaningful and communicated appropriately to end users. Additionally, customers can experience feature overload, reinforcing the importance of developing the right technology for the right user.

Working With Small Business and Enterprise

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