Blue Tooth Low Energy
Blockchain strategy and development.
Machine Learning
Machine learning design and implementation.
Artificial Intelligence
AI strategy, value proposition and implementation.
SAAS Management
Software as a service due diligence and management.
E-Commerce Strategy
Developing digital sales channels.
Internet of Things (IoT)
Connected device strategy.
Virtual Reality
Immersive technologies to enhance market research, marketing communication and product development.
Data Enrichment
Enriching business data with secondary and primary sources
Outbound Market Research
Outbound survey development and distribution
Sales Strategy & Automation
Sales automation, including marketing automation setup, outbound script, sales funnel management, outbound/inbound automation
Technology Marketing
Value proposition and key benefit communication for technology products.
SAAS Pricing
Software as a service pricing strategy.
Vendor Due Diligence
Vendor due diligence, requirement documentation and contract negotiations.
Market Intelligence
Use secondary and primary resource sources to understand and track market data.
Technology Roadmap
Develop short and long-term technology strategy to match customer needs.
Technology Acquisition Strategy
Identify potential technology acquisition profile targets
Agile Market Research
Use machine learning to accelerate market research
Use real-world activities to test and optimize product development and communications.
Stakeholder Technology Education
Management, investor and vendor education on the latest technology and trends.
Patent and IP Consulting
Generate patent ideas and help implement IP processes (in conjunction with legal consultation)
Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)
Generate ideal customer profile from qualitative and internal/external data sources.